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Commissioned portraits are an intimate collaboration between the artist and the client where concepts are explored, ideas are developed, and creativity emerges.

-Katarina Vicenova -

Commissioned Portraits



Anniversaries, Weddings, Birthdays, Family Portraits –an ageless tradition and an art expression of love and honor in one’s family.


Corporate Portraits – a great way for an organization to show their corporate leaders appreciation, honor, recognition, and record it in history.


Portraits of Existing Image – an enduring tribute of using existing pictures/photos as references for the recreation of the images into beautiful new paintings.



Initial meeting:

The initial meeting is an opportunity to discuss with the client their portrait vision and expectations, determine the best pictorial design, and consider the basics of the portrait (e.g. size, desired mood or atmosphere, clothing and props, background, location, and color and light preferences).


Photo session:

After the major details are decided upon, the next step is to take reference photographs in a photo session.  We will select elements that best reflect the beauty and personality of the sitter. We will find the best characteristic pose, light that is most flattering, and emphasize the best aspects of the face. The whole composition is created in this stage in order to provide reference material with the best visual information.  These photos are used as a reference and starting point only, and the final painting composition is altered to achieve the best physical likeness and essence of the sitter.


The preliminary study and final approval:

We will select one photo from the photo session that will serve as the reference during the whole portrait painting process.  I will paint an impression color study of the reference photo which will give us a sneak-peak into the colors, subtle nuances, skin tone, hair, eye color, clothing and the background to ensure they are all accurately represented. Upon completing the preliminary study, I will begin working on the final portrait for completion.


Pricing and Fees:

A signed Engagement Agreement along with a 50% deposit must be provided prior to beginning the final portrait. The remaining 50% balance is due upon completion and delivery of the final portrait painting. Additional fees may apply, including travel expenses, shipping fees, and any state or city sales tax, where applicable.


Each portrait is priced individually depending on size and complexity. For further information, please contact Katarina at or by calling 754-244-0039.











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