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KatarinaVicenova is a Slovakian-born figurative portrait artist specializing in oil paint techniques and charcoal drawing. She spends a majority of her time living and working in Miami, Florida. 

Katarina received her master's degree in art education at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia, and continually elevates her skills and knowledge by studying with living Masters of our time all around the world.


Her choice of artistic expression is Realism.  It is Katarina's strong belief that Realism is the ideal method for communicating our perspective of the beauty, thoughts, feelings and ideas that we have about ourselves, people and the world around us.

Katarina has often said that "our dreams and desires are best expressed through Realism as they are stored and understood as realistic images in our minds" and that "portraits reveal the inner essence and energy of all people and things that I am most fortunate to witness and paint".


In her artwork Katarina often uses the beauty of natural settings to create images to tell each subject's story. She believes that nature speaks a language that we all inherently understand and connect to.  It has the ability to let us just be "in the moment" and reconnects us to our true self and inner soul. Katarina plays with the theme of nature to create atmospheres in which reality and inner feelings intertwine to unveil what we often forget about ourselves.


Katarina has emphasized that "in my paintings, the present moment of ever-changing life is captured and this present moment is the only thing we ever really have".

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