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Art Classes

Vicenova Studios offers lessons to persons of all ages and at any skill level, in realistic drawing and painting to enable students to achieve the high standard of skill and technique required to create their own individual artistic expression.

Drawing Level 1


Simple Shapes Drawing: Drawing is a necessary and basic skill which is the foundation for great painting. To build this foundation, students will start drawing simple geometric shapes using a pencil and charcoal. These exercises are essential for understanding the principles of shape, proportion, form, and value.

Bargue Drawings: Bargue Drawings are 19th century academic drawings produced by painter Charles Bargue. Students will be taught to convert two dimensional images into three dimensional drawings with the illusion of space.

Cast Drawing: Proficiency in drawing geometric shapes and Bargue drawings will allow students to transition to drawing plaster casts of antique and Renaissance statues. Here, students will begin to understand spatial relationships and rendering subtle gradations from shadow to light.

Drawing Level 2


Figure and Portrait drawing: Here, students will transition into drawing live models where they will be introduced to drawing the human body with its muscular and skeletal complexities.


Painting Level 1


Limited Pallet Painting: Students will start with painting plaster casts and simple still life compositions, and gradually progress to painting live models using monochromatic oil paint consisting of only 4 colors (black, white, and red, yellow). Monochromatic painting is a stepping stone to painting with a full palette.

Painting Level 2


Full Pallet Painting: At this level students will begin to paint more complex still life objects and live models, transitioning from the use of a limited palette to a full palette. Students will be introduced to theories of color concept and mixing. Students will also be taught the fundamentals of direct and indirect painting techniques, proper canvas preparation, maintenance, and handling of materials.


Painting Level 3


Advanced Painting:  At this stage, students begin to create compositions by arranging light sources and using objects with a variety of textures and material to produce spatial relationships.  Students will also be taught how to achieve a model’s likeness, character, and overall expression in order to create a mood and atmosphere.

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